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Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

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Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

How To Use

Our Bamboo Travel Toothbrush Case is perfect for protecting your favorite toothbrush on the go. Just slide it into the case and take it with wherever and when ever you need. Our travel case is perfect for vacations or even the shortest of road trips! It is naturally antibacterial, water resistant (fun fact - it even floats), BPA free and therefore non toxic.

Let your toothbrush air dry before putting in the travel case. Air holes are in either end for proper air ventilation! 

Pair it with our Tooth Tablets and Organic Floss for a plastic free dental routine for on-the-go or travel!


8" in length
1" in diameter

Plastic Free Shipping

About 165 billion packages are shipped each year in the U.S affecting more than 1 billion trees.
We ship your products with eco-friendly material in boxes made from recycled post-consumer content paper, stuffed with recycled (news)paper and taped with biodegradable adhesive. Sometimes we even reuse packaging that was shipped to us to not waste it, so don't be surprised if you find your Bamboo Switch™ products in an unbranded box.
Once you receive our packages please do your part and reuse/ recycle everything. We are proud to say that all packaging material that is shipped to you, is also biodegradable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Barbara A Hanlon

    it is great and spacious

    Kristy Bishop
    pleased with the switch

    Good A+ rating!

    Love it

    I love this bamboo toothbrush travel case! Sturdy, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. Also, when it first arrived it was broken, so I emailed Bamboo Switch and they sent me a new one free of charge. I really appreciate that fantastic customer service!

    wonderful product

    the bamboo case is attractive and sturdy. It was "stolen" by my teenage son immediately!

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