sustainable, zero waste, earth-friendly, plastic-free Bamboo Cotton Ear Bud Holder | Incl. 100 Ct - Bamboo Switch
sustainable, zero waste, earth-friendly, plastic-free Bamboo Cotton Ear Bud Holder | Incl. 100 Ct - Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Cotton Ear Bud Holder | Incl. 100 Ct

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1 All Natural Bamboo Holder Case

100 Count Natural Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds


This bamboo cotton ear bud is the absolute sustainable switch! 

The item is made of ethically sourced bamboo and the tips are organic cotton. 

The holder case comes with 100 cotton ear buds.


How to use:

Please twist the cap open - it's an all natural product and every single holder is unique and slightly different in the grains and coloring.


Maintenance tip:

Every once in a while rub some native oil into the bamboo to make it shiny and smooth again.


Bamboo Ear Bud Holder Case - 100 Count Compostable, Biodegradable, Earth Friendly, Zero Waste Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds

Start your plastic-free life journey with our eco-friendly and sustainable product choice

Plastic Free Shipping

About 165 billion packages are shipped each year in the U.S affecting more than 1 billion trees. 
We ship your products with eco-friendly material in boxes made from recycled post-consumer content paper, stuffed with recycled (news)paper and taped with biodegradable adhesive. Sometimes we even reuse packaging that was shipped to us to not waste it, so don't be surprised if you find your Bamboo Switch™ products in an unbranded box. 
Once you receive our packages please do your part and reuse/ recycle everything. We are proud to say that all packaging material that is shipped to you, is also biodegradable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah H

This is perfect for ensuring that no dust, hair, etc that might get on my qtips if I had an open holder stays off. PERFECT fit for my house!

Kirsten Casperson

So cute! Love the clean, simple look and how it has a cover to keep the rounds dust free.

monica isliker
so good

Very sturdy and the perfect cotton swab 🥰

Great low-waste switch!

I chose to buy these bamboo cotton earbuds and the holder to make a low-waste switch in my bathroom. I have tried a lot of switches that just didn’t work for me, but I honestly love these earbuds and will continue to buy them (also the price is unbeatable!!). I use them for makeup, nails, and to clean the outside of my ears; they’re soft and I feel so much better when I toss them after using them knowing that they’ll degrade over time!! Also the holder is super handy and cute!

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