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Three Steps to Packing Sustainably

Sustainable Travel Bag

Whether it’s spending the night with a friend, taking a road trip to visit family, flying overseas for a vacation or headed to the great outdoors, the main objective is to pack lightly without forgetting the toiletry essentials. However, it can be difficult to think sustainability while packing your toiletry bag -- it’s easy just to grab to the travel size toothpaste, nylon floss and plastic toothbrush from the convenience store to save room and minimize the liquids. But with a little mindfulness, it’s just as easy to pack a bag full of sustainability-focused products without forgetting those toiletry essentials. 


To share just how easy it is, here’s just a few of my favorite essentials in my bag: 

STEP ONE: Toothbrush + Travel Case

bamboo toothbrush sustainable 



The perfect pair! Match any bamboo   toothbrush with a bamboo travel case to   keep it clean and protected. I love   traveling with a bamboo toothbrush and   case because it’s small, lightweight and   easy to recognize in a jam-packed bag. 

Not to mention, the bamboo toothbrushes come in so many fun colors that are perfect if you’re traveling with others or if you just want to spunk up your travel bag!

What happens when it’s time to change your toothbrush? So many reusable options! Use it to clean your shoes, as a paint brush, or pull out the bristles (throw those away) and place the handle in the compost to give back to the environment! Save the bamboo travel case for your next toothbrush and reuse! 


STEP TWO: Toothpaste Tablets


 We all know that it can be a hassle to   pull out the bag full of liquids while   going through the security line at the   airport. Why not eliminate that hassle   with some all natural toothpaste     tablets! 

 Toothpaste tablets are the ultimate   travel game changer. The all-natural  packed powder toothpaste smells as   minty as can be, and has natural  whitening properties to ensure your   teeth stay nice and bright! Whether  you’re traveling with the glass capsule   or the refill pack, the tablets are once   again lightweight and small, saving  more room for your other travel essentials. You can keep them in your travel bag while going through the security line, and you never have to worry about the liquid spilling.  (read more about why you should quit toothpaste too!)


Organic Silk Floss

plastic free silk floss organic

 Personally, I’m notorious for forgetting   to floss when I’m on the road. My floss   used to always get pushed to the   bottom of my bag, to be nowhere in   sight. However, ever since I made the   sustainable switch to organic silk floss,   I can’t put it down and it’s the first thing to be unpacked when I arrive at my destination.

What’s the difference? Organic silk floss is completely biodegradable and coated with a plant based candelilla wax. I even find that it’s more durable and cleans more efficiently than nylon floss. The glass jar is also recyclable, but feel free to reuse it with floss refill packs, or use it to store small hair pins or fill it with a smaller amount of tooth tablets for a quick trip. 


With a little thought and preparation, it’s possible to maintain a sustainable lifestyle while traveling. Even if you’re more of a spontaneous traveler, keep an extra supply of these products on hand for that quick grab-n-go trip!

What’s the best part? All of these products are biodegradable (in the proper environment), recyclable or reusable in other ways.  Each step is a positive step towards a cleaner and greener environment!

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