This Is Who We Are

Behind Bamboo Switch® are a pair of passionate parents, each bringing a unique perspective to our shared mission of creating a better future for their children and generations to come. Co-Founder Alex hails from the lush landscapes of Germany, bringing with him a deep-rooted appreciation for nature and a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship. Jordan, a dedicated nurse by trade, has witnessed firsthand the importance of harmony between human health and nature, particularly the environmental challenges posed by plastic pollution.

With backgrounds rooted in community engagement and a shared spirit of boldness, we embarked on a mission to champion sustainability through tangible actions. Bamboo Switch was born out of our commitment to this cause, guided by our core values of sustainability, boldness, community, humility, and responsibility. We believe in the power of making conscious choices and the impact of collective action.

Our vision extends beyond just selling bamboo-based products; it's about fostering a movement and mindset towards sustainable living that can be embraced by families everywhere. 'Make the Bamboo Switch™' is more than our tagline — it's a call to action for all who dream of a greener future, starting with the choices we make today.

As founders, we are continuously learning and evolving, inspired by the communities we serve and the positive changes we witness. Through Bamboo Switch®, we aim to empower individuals and families to take meaningful steps towards sustainability, nurturing a planet that thrives for our children and beyond."

Keep thriving!


Jordan and Alex 

bamboo switch founders alex and jordan at minnesota state fair