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Trashed Florida Beach with Plastic Waste

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Thought we would share a little bit about how and why we started Bamboo Switch™. My name is Jordan, and my husband is Alex. While walking Florida beach shores in 2017, we came across unthinkable amounts of trash. Instead of collecting seashells, we found ourselves with armfuls of trash. This stirred something fierce inside us, and we couldn't wait to get home and figure out how to help our planet.

After deciding to spread awareness about earth-friendly products that help lower our ecological footprint, we decided to go with the greatest natural resource possible - Bamboo. After spending countless hours researching where to source our Bamboo from we finally found the perfect partner through our personal network. All of our Bamboo is ethically harvested and processed and is not harming the habitat of any endangered species.
We are aiming for making the switch from plastic to sustainable resources, like our Bamboo, as effortless as possible. Thus, the idea of substituting everyday plastic filled items to sustainable bamboo products was born and our brand was launched in 2018. 

We enjoy working together from our St. Paul, Minnesota HQ and are passionate about achieving something extremely meaningful to us. Our mission is to educate on the effects of plastic pollution through our earth friendly products. We are excited to share tips with you on how we all have the ability to reduce our ecological footprint.  

A zero waste life is our ultimate goal. It takes time and effort to get there for sure, but we are committed to finding convenient sustainable options - making sustainability one of the values that Bamboo Switch is deeply rooted in. We started this company in order to take an active stand against plastic pollution and to do our part in protecting our beautiful planet. #everylittlebitcounts and we want to remind our fellow humans that we are all in the same boat.

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We donate 5% of our profits to Sea Shepherd, an organization that protects our marine wildlife and waters.