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Shampoo Bar | Aloe

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Completely natural and plastic-free shampoo bar. 

How To Use

Our Aloe shampoo bar is making haircare easier! Simply rub the soap directly onto hair or rub between hands and apply it onto hair. Aloe is known for its healing properties and will leave your hair feeling light and brand new. Our shampoo bars are making haircare easier with simple non toxic ingredients! Simply rub the soap directly onto hair or rub between hands and apply it onto hair for an effective clean. Aloe is known for its relaxing properties and will leave your hair feeling relaxed and smoother than ever!

Complement this shampoo bar with one of our conditioner bars!

Pair it with our Bamboo Soap Lift and Sisal Soap Saver Bag for a completely plastic free hair care experience.


Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Water, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Fatty Acids, Citric Acids

Environmental Impact

Millions of plastic shampoo and conditioner are thrown out every year. These same bottles will take hundred of years to break down leaving behind micro-plastics that will hold an effect for years to come. Our shampoo and conditioner bars eliminate the use of plastic entirely without sacrificing any step of the haircare experience!

Plastic Free Shipping

About 165 billion packages are shipped each year in the U.S affecting more than 1 billion trees.
We ship your products with eco-friendly material in boxes made from recycled post-consumer content paper, stuffed with recycled (news)paper and taped with biodegradable adhesive. Sometimes we even reuse packaging that was shipped to us to not waste it, so don't be surprised if you find your Bamboo Switch™ products in an unbranded box.
Once you receive our packages please do your part and reuse/ recycle everything. We are proud to say that all packaging material that is shipped to you, is also biodegradable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Angela Segler

Would like to exchange for a chamomile bar. Have not used it!

Don’t miss bottled shampoos/conditioners at all!

The bamboo switch shampoo and conditioner bars are great products. They are easy to use, the shampoo has great lather and the conditioner does a great job with detangling and conditioning my hair. Add to that not using plastic bottles and it’s definitely win win! I love this product. Thanks Bamboo Switch!

Susan Rolling
Love the shampoo bars!

I really like the shampoo bars! They work really well and I love that there is no plastic packaging! 🌎

I’m obsessed

Ever since I switched over to bamboo switch, my hair has definitely gotten softer and lasted longer without washing often! Can’t wait to buy more when I run out !

Alisha Drabek
Awesome Shampoo Bars

We love the quality, lather, scent, and performance of your shampoo and conditioner bars! Thanks for making such a great product available. Aloe is particularly lovely, although it’s hard to choose. We also love that your products are plastic free and good for the environment.

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