Our Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What are these toothbrushes made of?

The handle is made from 100% organic Moso Bamboo. The bristles are dentist-recommended Nylon-4. Both the handle and the bristles are BPA free, vegan, non-toxic, and a huge step in the right direction. 

Nylon 4 bristles and Bamboo toothbrush handle
 Why don’t you manufacture the toothbrushes in the United   States?

 We chose not to manufacturer these   toothbrushes here in the States because   the type of bamboo forests we wanted to   harvest from are in China. Moso Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource to   date, and the main material for our   toothbrushes.

 How did you engrave your logo on the handles?

 Our logo is laser engraved.

What is your packaging made of?

Our packaging is made from cardboard, and is ready to be recycled. No tape or glue is used, only strategic folds and tabs holding the box in place.

When shipping your toothbrushes to you, we use cello tape from Eco Enclose (an amazing sustainable packaging company) because it is plant derived, making it biodegradable.

Will Bamboo mold when it gets wet? 

Nope! Not at all! We do recommend standing your toothbrush upright after use to let it fully dry throughout the day. Besides that - there are no extra cares needed. If you use our Moso Bamboo travel case, allow your toothbrush to dry before storing it for longer travels. 

Why did you choose Nylon-4 bristles instead of plant or animal based bristles?

This was the ultimate question we explored as well when designing these toothbrushes. We chose to go with the plastic Nylon-4 bristles, because as of right now, they are what dentists are recommending for a good, clean brushing session.

Plant based bristles are absolutely a step in the right direction, and it is our goal to find plant based bristles that are still approved by dentists. We want to provide an eco-friendly solution to plastic toothbrushes, but we don’t want our customers walking away with cavities.

Animal based bristles were completely off the table for us, although they are fully biodegradable and compostable. They are derived from the Chinese meat market (boar bristles), and we cannot guarantee the animals were treated humanely. These type of bristles are also not recommended by dentists, and they need to be replaced every week because of mold issues.

Bamboo Toothbrush on Beach
Why did you choose soft bristles as part of your toothbrush design? 

We chose soft bristles because they clean efficiently without risking hurting your gums. Medium or hard bristled brushes could cause gum or enamel damage

How long will this toothbrush last?

Our toothbrush will last just as long as the conventional plastic toothbrush – dentist recommended 3-4 months depending on the condition of the bristles. If the bristles are starting to fray, replace your toothbrush because it's just not doing the job anymore. 

What should we do with the toothbrush once we are done?

There are a few ideas right off the bat that we have for our customers! You can upcycle the toothbrush as a household cleaning item (scrub out those hard to reach places like grout or tile throughout your home) or you can use it to mark your garden by writing “mint” or “peppers” across the handle. When you’re officially done using it, simply remove the bristles with pliers or tweezers. The handle can then be recycled or composted.

Are the bristles difficult to remove?

We considered the same question when we made the switch, and in short, no they are not difficult to remove! Just grab your handy-dandy pliers or tweezers and pluck them on out.

What do we do with the bristles when we remove them?

The little pile of plastic bristles could now, in theory, be recycled. But in reality, they are probably too small to make it through the recycling system and will end up scattered. Instead, throw them away in your trash.

Are your toothbrushes fully compostable?

No, they are not because of the bristles. Once the bristles are removed, then yes absolutely! If we had a fully compostable toothbrush, our toothbrush would no longer be vegan, because fully compostable would mean us using animal-based bristles (like boar bristles).

Do you accept returns? 

We currently do not accept returns, as it is impossible to guarantee the toothbrush was not used. If you are not satisfied or received the wrong item, then we encourage you to reach out to us directly to resolve any issues.  

If you have any more questions you need answered before making the switch, hit us up anytime at gogreen@bambooswitch.com