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Bamboo Switch®

Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds | 200 ct

Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds | 200 ct

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Our Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds, available in a pack of 200, offer a sustainable and gentle solution for your ear care needs
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200 count in a storage box


Bamboo Stem
Cotton Tip

How To Use

Use our bamboo cotton ear buds for gentle cleaning of outer ears (never inserting), applying skincare products, or makeup touch-ups

Care Guide

Store the ear buds in a dry place away from moisture. Avoid exposing them to water or excessive humidity to maintain their integrity

Dispose of used ear buds responsibly in a waste bin or home compost


Length: 3 inches

Environmental Impact

Bamboo cotton ear buds reduce plastic waste and environmental impact compared to traditional plastic-based ear buds. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires fewer resources to cultivate, making these ear buds an eco-friendly choice

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Plastic Free Shipping

About 165 billion packages are shipped each year in the U.S affecting more than 1 billion trees. We ship your products with eco-friendly material in boxes made from recycled post-consumer content paper, stuffed with recycled (news)paper, and taped with biodegradable adhesive. Sometimes we even reuse packaging that was shipped to us to not waste it, so don't be surprised if you find your Bamboo Switch products in an unbranded box.