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Go Green Gift Wrapping!

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! Personally, this is my favorite time of the year. I love the fresh snowfalls, baking cookies and crafting some homemade gifts to give to loved ones.  

Despite all of the cheer, this season brings a lot of plastic and waste. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans will throw away 25% more trash. However, there are a few easy ways to avoid the plastic and wasteful paper. Here are a few sustainable wrapping ideas to implement during this gift giving season! 

Reuse Boxes                                    

Okay, this one may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s always a good reminder! Save the boxes from your online orders and retailers to enclose your gifts. If you’re short on boxes, ask your family, friends or neighbors. You can even ask groceries stores for their extra produce boxes if you have a larger gift to wrap.

Holiday Reuse Boxes

Also, did you know that Bamboo Switch has a box take back program?! Save your boxes after the holidays and drop them off at our store, or meet us at an event in the Twin Cities. When you stop by, we’ll give you a little gift in return!

Kraft Paper or Newspaper 

Traditional wrapping paper, bows, glitter and ribbon are not recyclable. A lot of wrapping paper is lined with plastic, full of ink, or uses glitter and metallic material, making them not recyclable. 

Of course, you can reuse pieces of wrapping paper, but that can be a hassle. A more sustainable option is to use paper grocery bags or newspapers. Not only will this be a recyclable option, but will also save you a few pennies! If you choose to use bows or ribbon, don’t forget to save those for next year, too.

Gift Bag                                       

Stock up on gift bags, fabric bags -- like muslin, cotton or jute, and reusable tote bags throughout the year. These bags come in a variety of sizes, are multipurpose and typically plastic free!


No Wrapping at all! 

Although this idea is not traditional, some gifts are beautiful as is. Keep it simple, as it’s the thought that matters most. 

Biodegradable Tape

If you’re thinking above and beyond, up your wrapping game with Cello Biodegradable tape. Made from plant-derived cellulose and a natural rubber adhesive, this tape is the ultimate sustainable switch for the holiday season. 

You can still enjoy the holidays while thinking sustainably. There are so many eco-friendly ways to bring cheer to others when wrapping gifts. Finding multi-purpose materials are fun, affordable and practical. Who doesn’t love that! 

Wishing you a fun-filled holiday season!


Still looking for some sustainable gift ideas? Check out the Bamboo Switch stocking stuffers or holiday bundles!

Sustainable Bundle
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In essence, gift wrapping is a creative expression of thoughtfulness and care. It transforms a simple object into a symbol of appreciation, love, or celebration. Whether elegantly sophisticated or charmingly simple, the presentation of a wrapped gift enhances the emotional impact and creates a lasting impression on the recipient.


What wonderful idea you presented, yes if we could get everyone to change there wrapping habits, how much better our earth would be.

Ann Draker

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