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Zero Waste Shower

In my last blog, I featured 21 Sustainable New Year Resolutions. One of those ideas was to transition to a zero waste shower routine, which is one of my personal goals this year. I chose this goal because 552 million shampoo bottles will end up in the landfills this year. That’s crazy! Not to mention, many commercial hair products are filled with unwanted chemicals and ingredients. So, here’s how I hope to achieve this goal: 

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I will admit, I’ve been doubtful of shampoo and conditioner bars in the past. However, I think they are the most surprising eco-friendly product that I’ve tried, thus far. I find that my hair is less frizzy, incredibly healthy and leaves no greasy residue. Plus, Bamboo Switch has a variety of scents that make it fun to suds it up in the shower. 

If you still prefer a liquid shampoo, another option is to head over to your local co-op and refill your empty bottle. That’s just as sustainable as a bar!

Stainless Steel Razor

It has been estimated that 2 billion razors and refill blades find their way into U.S. landfills each year. Instead, take a more traditional and sustainable shaving route with a stainless steel razor. These razors are easy to use and will leave you with a more gentle, closer shave. When you find that the blades begin to dull, simply unscrew the shaving head and replace the blades. However, it’s important to collect your old blades and dispose of them according to your city’s guidelines. Safety first! 

Shaving & Body Bars

Although you can recycle the aluminum cans of shaving cream and bottles of body wash, they are almost always wrapped with plastic. Instead, use a shaving or body bar. You can almost always find soaps at your local farmer’s market or co-op to help make the switch. 

I personally shop at Sebesta Apothecary, located in the Twin Cities. They sell a variety of body bar scents, shave bars and other skin care products made with all-natural ingredients. 

Loofah or Sisal Bag

I’ll be honest, I never heard of a plant-based loofah until I met Bamboo Switch. Loofahs and Sisal bags are made from plants, which makes them compostable. Both sustainable options naturally exfoliate your skin, leaving your skin smooth. I prefer to use the sisal bags because you can store your soap bar inside the bag, making it an efficient way to cleanse. 

It Takes Time 

Although I still have bottles of hair product, body wash and plastic disposable razors, my intention is to use what I have and replace them all with sustainable alternatives. As those products are used in their entirety, I’ll dispose of them correctly or potentially reuse them as refillable containers. Making the switch will take some time, but I’m inspired to use all of these sustainable swaps in the future. 

If you’re ready to get started with your zero waste shower journey, Bamboo Switch has created a Zero Waste Shower Bundle with almost all of these eco-friendly products! 

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