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Let's Talk About Bamboo

There's probably not too many people that haven't heard of this beautiful and extremely versatile natural resource.

Bamboo stalk

We watch videos on Youtube featuring people building houses out of Bamboo, see pictures of people drinking from Bamboo straws, or even have little planted bamboo stalks to decorate our homes. 

But let's dive deeper - do you actually know the benefits of why we all should start switching to Bamboo? We'll fill you in below on the top fascinating facts about Bamboo.

1. Bamboo is a grass
I know it sounds strange considering it's sturdiness and it's woody texture, but it is true. Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family and is indeed a grass. 

2. Bamboo grows on almost every continent.Bamboo grows under various climate conditions and can be found in almost every angle of this planet, except Europe and the poles. It prefers a tropical climate even though it requires dramatically less water than it's wood counterpart. 

3. There are about 1500 different kinds of Bamboo known on this planet. 
One of them is named Moso bamboo, which we chose to use as the primary material for our products. 
4. Moso Bamboo grows at an incredible speed 
This may sound unbelievable, but you could literally watch Bamboo grow. There is a specific type called Moso Bamboo which grows up to 3 feet in only 24 hours. Moso Bamboo is mainly found in Southeast Asia, as in China and Japan. The Bamboo shoots sprout out of the ground at the full diameter that they will have as a mature stalk. It then grows up straight as a bare pole without any leaves for several weeks. Once it reaches its full height, leafed branches start to emerge from the stalk. Before it can be harvested, it needs to mature in strength for about 3-5 years. Just to give you an idea how fast that is: It takes most woods about 10-20 years to mature enough to be used.
5. Bamboo is stronger than steal
With a tensile strength of 28.000 psi (steel has about 23.000 psi) it is one of the strongest building materials and can be used for any type of construction. Bamboo poles are even used to reinforce concrete buildings instead of steel poles.

6. Bamboo is the most versatile natural resource

Throughout history, Bamboo has been used in so many different areas of our lives. Before paper was invented, Bamboo, was used as primitive books to write on.
Nowadays, it can used for something as simple as a straw but also as complex as airplane parts due to it's incredible strength to weight ratio. In addition to all of that, Bamboo clothing is becoming more and more popular because of it's softness and stretchy capabilities.

7. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal
Products made of Bamboo don't have to be treated with chemicals to make them last. It is naturally resistant against any type of bacteria and fungi.

8. Bamboo is a crucial element of our eco-system
Bamboo groves release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than an equivalent grouping of trees. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change then planting Bamboo shoots is an excellent option for you and the planet.

9. Bamboo grows old
In the wild, Bamboo survives more than 120 years.


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