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Let's Talk About Bamboo Switch

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Sustainable Eco friendly Bamboo toothbrush on the beach

“Enough is enough” came to our mind when we traveled to Florida in 2017 and were faced with so much plastic covering the beautiful beaches. After carrying many arm-fulls of plastic off the shores and to the trash - we felt like we had to do something to reduce plastic waste in the first place. 

“Enough is enough” is now a statement that is so important to constantly think about throughout our daily life. Open your eyes a bit on your way to work or school and unfortunately, we promise you’ll see tons of plastic waste. When our eyes were opened on that Florida beach, we couldn’t close them. 

Among other hard and soft plastic items - like straws, wrappers, cups, netting, balloons (wait, please remember Ballons, these don’t just disappear when we release them in the air) - we found so many toothbrushes. Did you know that the average person uses 320 toothbrushes in their lifetime? Times that by 9 billion people on this planet - that’s a lot of plastic that our future generations won’t be so lucky to inherit. 

When we came face to face with this fact, we realized we had to make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. “But where do we start,” was our biggest question... 

Baby steps, we thought. If we started our day more green, then hopefully we would carry that into the rest of our day. Thus, the routine of using of a bamboo toothbrush emerged in our household. 

Bamboo - a resource that is 100% biodegradable, is naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t require pesticides and fertilizers to grow. It releases way more oxygen into our atmosphere than trees, and it grows up to 3 feet per day making it the fastest renewable resource there is. 

Now, the only question is - what are you waiting for? When you’re ready to also make the switch - check our store out.

But most importantly, follow this simple rule and carry it out into the world:

Refuse - Reduce - Recycle

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I think your company is fantastic! I applaud your desire to think of our future on this planet. It has inspired me and my family to look for ways in our own lives to help improve the environment.
I will use your company message as a guide to helping my 3 wonderful daughters the value of keeping our beautiful planet healthy for generations to come.

Glenn L

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