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Let's Talk About Bamboo Switch

Welcome to Bamboo Switch! “Enough is enough” came to our mind when we traveled to Florida in 2017 and were faced with so much plastic covering the beautiful beaches. After carrying many arm-fulls of plastic off the shores and to the trash - we felt like we had to do something to reduce plastic waste in the first place.  “Enough is enough” is now a statement that is so important to constantly think about throughout our daily life. Open your eyes a bit on your way to work or school and unfortunately, we promise you’ll see tons of plastic waste. When our eyes were opened on that Florida beach, we couldn’t close them.  Among other hard and soft plastic items...

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Let's Talk About The Bristles

Our goal is to offer high quality products that contribute towards a zero waste life. With our core values (sustainability, honesty, passion) in mind, we developed Bamboo toothbrushes that are aimed to make the world a better place.  Although there are other options that might seem slightly more eco-friendly (corn based bristles, boar bristles) at first glance, we deliberately chose to use Nylon 6 as the material for our bristles. Most of you might be wondering why we decided to go with a material that is not yet fully biodegradable. We have done a ton of research and spoke to dental specialists about the best solution to date and 90% of all people recommended Nylon 6. Nylon bristles are antibacterial, soft (you'll...

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