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The Zero Waste Hand Soap Bundle

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1 Organic Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap 
1 Handmade Bamboo Soap Bar Holder

    How To Use

    This bundle contains our Charcoal Bar Soaps brighten your skin giving it a glow that lasts. Our Bamboo Bar holder pairs well with the Charcoal bar giving your bathroom the perfect aesthetic touch. The sleekness of the holder makes it the perfect bathroom accessory to give any bathroom color scheme a stylized look. 

    Organic Compostable Natural Bamboo Soap Bar Holder & Minnesota Made Organic Soap Bar Bundle

    Skip the plastic and aluminum, and upgrade your bathroom to a fully compostable, sustainable, and all natural environment with our bundle

    This Bundle pairs perfectly with a set of new Bamboo Brushes for your every cleaning need and Pot Scrubber to get out the toughest of stains! 

    Bamboo Soap Holder/ Lift

    Organic bamboo

    Non toxic


    BPA free

    Eco-friendly & compostable packaging 

    Plastic Free Shipping

    About 165 billion packages are shipped each year in the U.S affecting more than 1 billion trees. 
    We ship your products with eco-friendly material in boxes made from recycled post-consumer content paper, stuffed with recycled (news)paper and taped with biodegradable adhesive. Sometimes we even reuse packaging that was shipped to us to not waste it, so don't be surprised if you find your Bamboo Switch™ products in an unbranded box. 
    Once you receive our packages please do your part and reuse/ recycle everything. We are proud to say that all packaging material that is shipped to you, is also biodegradable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    excellent and simple aesthetic !

    Bailey Rice
    Love it!

    I love the minimalist, natural look of just a simple bar of soap on a bamboo soap dish.

    Alisha Drabek

    Excellent products!

    Danielle Van Roosendael
    Love being eco friendly

    I use my new bamboo products every day!! I love the loofa especially because the side of it helps for more exfoliation. The toothbrushes have soft bristles, comfortable to hold, and so far durable. The only thing I don’t like is the soap because it leaves black stuff everywhere. Other than that I’m so happy I made the switch. 

    augusto monteiro

    I just love your product and the way u guys take care of everything

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